Multi-camera production in the cloud.

Simplify processes to the maximum using mobile devices.

Live Camera

FullHD recording (or higher depending on availability).

Adaptive Bitrate. The emissions of each camera are adjusted to the available bandwidth.

Receipt of Intercom messages. The camera operator can listen to messages from the person doing the realization.

Signaling based on colors to know the status of the emission (Tally): On Air, Ready, Finished...

Live Mixer

Very low latency. The mixer displays the synchronized signals in real time.

Adaptive Bitrate. The mixer knows the broadcast quality of each stream, which can help choose the highest quality stream.

Integrated intercom. The director can give instructions to the operators of the cameras.

Synchronization and Processing in the cloud.

Tally. The director shares the status of the process with the cameras

Broadcast and streaming to Social Media (Youtube, Facebook...)

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