In recent years, the fact that all parents want to record the performances of their children with mobile phones has become a problem.
It is increasingly normal to see how the rows closest to the stage prevent good visibility for the rest of the attendees.
In addition, with few exceptions, most videos recorded with mobile phones are of low quality because:

And above all, attendees are more concerned with the recording than the performance, and they do not enjoy the moment to the fullest.

What does Golumi propose?

In spite of everything, the parents want to have this moment for the memory and to share it with the relatives.

A single traditional recording by the school will not satisfy most, since the camera has not focused on your child.

Afterwards, the parents will access the event and watch the three videos simultaneously, being able to start recording when they want, make camera changes, extract photographs from the video and stop recording whenever they want.

The video that each parent will obtain on their mobile will be personalized, unique and completely different from the others, and with a realization and quality that could not have been achieved with their mobile.

What do I need to publish my first performance?

Since in the performances tend to leave minors, it is necessary to have a Premium account to be able to publish the event as private.

You can sign up for a free event, or make an annual subscription if you plan to publish more.

For an optimal result you will need 3 cameras, 3 tripods and 3 people who operate the cameras (teachers at the center, or parent volunteers are usually more than enough).

How do we record the performance so it looks good?

The best is usually to arrange the cameras at different angles, and with different frames, you can make close-ups, medium and general. We recommend doing sweeps for all participants to leave.

Once you start recording you should not stop any of the cameras until the end of the performance so Golumi can then synchronize the videos.

If you have doubts about how to do it, Golumi has a rental service for cameras and tripods, with at least one operator *. In this way you can try the system the first time and learn for the following.

*Service subject to availability.

How much is it going to cost me?

The first event published by each educational center will cost €99 *.

From the second event you can hire the PREMIUM service or hire each action separately with a cost of €139 *.

* Prices valid for educational centers during the promotional campaign. VAT not included.
 Check the limits and conditions of the service..

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